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Have you ever wondered about the time line everything (Recca and the gang's adventures) started and happened? Well, I did. So I've decided to browse through both the English and Japanese copy of the manga. As we all know, Recca's birthday is in July 27 and he's a 1st year (10th grade in America) high school student in Nashikiri High School. Usually, Japanese students turn 16 soon after or are 16 when entering high school. But according to the pictures at the right, Recca was going to turn 16.

Does this mean Recca was still 15 and the 3rd Ura Butou Satsujin was held before July 27? Let's rewind. According to Tatesako-sensei, Recca and the gang were absent from school for a month since they were training for the UBS. Let's say the was UBS was held some time in July, that makes their training in June.

Page created: Dec. 12, 2010
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