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This site is now under major reconstruction. I've disabled viewing of the few pages that were available before. Please stay tuned!

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Here is where you can find a list of Flame of Recca-related sites, fansites and our affiliates.

If you want to link back, you can use these simple buttons that I made. Please DO NOT direct link. Save the picture to your computer and upload it at some photo hosting website or on your own website. :D

253 X 82

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Views: 3827 | Added by: TuckingFypo | Date: 31 December 11 | Comments (1)

Wow, just look at the pages labeled "created in September 2009, last updated in December 2010" and they're not even finished yet. ^^; I'm such a procrastinator, sorry. But I'll be sure to finish...(sekr1t) stuff in the site before winter ends so stay tuned! :D
Views: 990 | Added by: TuckingFypo | Date: 16 December 10 | Comments (0)

Yes, we have now moved! The reason is the owner of the webhosting site has decided to shut it down. I was so worried at first because I thought I wouldn't be able to find any decent webhosting sites but here I am! I found A VERY GOOD webhosting site with a short address and nice templates. ^_^

Err....I know that the guy in the logo is Daisuke Niwa from an anime and manga that I like, D.N. Angel but I really can't do anything about it, I don't know how to change it yet. XD But des ... Read more »
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