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I didn't know where to get the FoR drama CD but it was EiRist-chan who gave me a download link so I was able to translate it! <3 You can download it here. The text in red are my comments and explanations. ^^;

-sound effect of the Ura Butou Satsujin-
Announcer: Good evening, Honoo fans! We're going to debate about a big global issue, "Who is the strongest in the Hokage?" In our studio are the participants of the dark tournament Ura Butou Satsujin: Hanabishi Recca-san, Ishijima Domon-san, Kirisawa Fuuko-san, Mikagami Tokiya-san, Koganei Kaoru-san and Sakoshita Yanagi-san. And now, we will begin the debate in a flash! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Announcer: And now, in this debate, we have a special guest critique, Anzai Nobuyuki-sensei!
Anzai-sensei: Ah, yes, thank you.
Recca: A critique for RnH?
Fuuko: Anzai Nobuyuki?
Domon: What is that?
Koganei: I think he's supposed to be an interviewer or something?

-ahem ahem cough cough-

Announcer: They (The gang) look like they don't know who Anzai-sensei is so I'm going to explain who he is. Anzai-sensei is a very brilliant person and if you're asking how great he's...uhh...
Anzai-sensei: N-no...I'm not that great...I myself am also wondering but...really...I'm not that great.
The Gang: Oh yeah yeah, you can't do it, that's true, yeah, right

-hand slamming on a table-

Announcer: Please listen! Err...Anzai-sensei may be denying it but we'll tell you another one!

Tokiya: Do it fast. I'm busy.
Announcer: Ooooh, so you really want to listen to it? Well...I can't do anything about that...-evil laugh-

The Gang: You...!
Anzai: To tell you the truth, I know most of your secrets.
The Gang: What?!
Recca: He knows our secrets?
Anzai: For example, Sakoshita Yanagi-san!
Yanagi: Hah! Umm...yes?

Anzai: You secretly drew you and Recca kissing in your picture show Rekka-man, right?
Yanagi: N-noo!! How did you knew?!
Anzai: Kirisawa Fuuko-san.

Fuuko: Huh...?
Anzai: You have a mole on your most embarrassing body part.
Fuuko: When did you take a peek, you hentai?!
Anzai: Koganei Kaoru-kun secretly bought a height-increasing product.
Koganei: Err...but I'm keeping that a real secret!
Anzai: And Mikagami Tokiya-san, when you were little you always took a bath with your Mifuyu-neesan.
Tokiya: E-even that? As far as I know, I didn't tell anybody about that, it was my most precious memory I locked inside my heart...
Fuuko: This man...looks like he doesn't care what other people think about our secrets and just spreads it!
Domon: Yeah.
Announcer: Ahehehe, is that so? Ahehehe!
Anzai and Announcer: Wahehehe!
Announcer: Well, let us finish Anzai-sensei's FoR critique and go on with the debate. Eh, Hanabishi Recca-san?
Recca: Un?
Announcer: Who do you think is the strongest in the Hokage?
Recca: Umm...I really couldn't care less.
Announcer: HAH?! don't care? Eh...did you just say you don't care?!
Koganei: So what?
Fuuko: Everyone in the group thinks the same.
Recca: Because...we're FRIENDS! We are tied by the warm rope of friendship! In just a stupid debate....we don't like it when we're being labeled #1 or #2!
Tokiya: Hmm...even though I didn't originally plan on being one of you, I agree with you that this is just an argument that's not important.
Domon: Yes, yes! I'd rather watch Sakoshita Yanagi's "Rekka-man" picture show rather than debate about this stupid thing!
Yanagi: Heee~! Is that true?! Then, let's watch it together, now!
Fuuko: Domon!
Domon: Eh?
Fuuko: Isn't it a little bit embarrassing? Now, Yanagi has completely turned into that mood!
Domon: Oh, damn!
Yanagi: So, Mr. Host, I hope you don't mind if we take a break!

-sounds of running footsteps- (I think they're escaping)

Announcer: Is it okay, everyone? Are you really sure about that? Ahahaha! Ahh, what a waste. All my hard work to prepare the prize to the one who will be declared 'the strongest' is wasted.
Fuuko: Prize? Did you just say that?
Announcer: Yes, I did. Look!
-some sounds here XD-
Yanagi: Wah! I like the wrapper!
(Meaning, the wrapper which they used to wrap the prize. XD)
Announcer: Yeah, Yanagi-san! And did you know that this is worth one million yen?
Koganei: It's worth one million yen?!
Announcer: Umm...somewhere it's only a thousand yen.
Yanagi: Eh? Why is that?
Fuuko: In any case, if the wrapper's prize is that high...the prize is-...
Domon: The prize inside is a very good prize!
Announcer: Of course! The prize inside this wrapper is so good to the extent that you will want to cry!
Everyone (excluding Mi-chan maybe XD): EH?! SO GOOD TO THE EXTENT THAT YOU WILL CRY?!
Announcer: In addition, the emperor of the Chinese Shin dynasty who searched all his life for an anti-aging medicine cried and cried after seeing it because of the prize's greatness!
Domon: O?! Wha-wha-wha?! Even though I can't understand that story
, it looks like the prize is really great!
Fuuko: AHH!! Tell us more about it! The prize that is so good to the extent that will make you cry is....what?!
Announcer: It is...
Everyone: It is?!
Announcer: ...A secret.
Everyone: What the?! Why?! Kyaa!! No!! (They were actually screaming some random gibberish that I can't translate. XD)
Yanagi: I'm. getting. more. curious!
Anzai-sensei: Well...we wouldn't give it to you unless you do the debate. So...I, Anzai, will just take this prize that "is so great to the extent that you will cry" home with me.
Recca: OH!! Wait a minute!!

-then some random slapping or kicking sound XD-

Anzai: Ouch!
Recca: That prize...will be mine!
Domon: Oi! Why you?!
Recca: You see...even if we don't debate about it, there's no doubt that I, Hanabishi Recca-sama, the leader of the Hokage is the strongest!
Fuuko: Hey! What leader are you talking about? Who's the leader, huh?! Where'd you get that?!
Recca: Umm...try to remember the people who I fought. Saicho, Kuukai, Genjurou, Neon and then probably Kurei!
(For some reason, he missed 'Kashamaru'. XD) The most fiercest and strongest enemies...I was the one who defeated them!
Fuuko: Yeah, that's because you're the main protagonist!
Domon, Koganei, Mi-chan: That's right, that's right!
Domon: You shouldn't boast about it! That's selfish!
Koganei: Yeah. And umm...I'll also say this. It's because I arrived that the Hokage climbed to the ladder of success! So, don't you think the #1 is me, this Koganei Kaoru-kun?
Fuuko, Recca, Domon: What did you say?!
Recca: You shouldn't say such things arrogantly, you idiot!
Domon: Yes, yes! Although I was late for the fight, we could've won that game even without Koganei's arrival! There's no doubt that the strongest is Ishijima Domon!

-Fuuko kicks Domon...or something-

Fuuko: On most of your battles, you didn't even win!
Domon: just reminded me when I'm starting not to care about that...
Fuuko: Well, you can't deny the fact that our fans and viewers have increased after seeing my NICE BODY! So the #1 is me!

Domon, Recca, Koganei: No, no! Don't base it there!
Fuuko: Hey! Don't you remember when I used Kaze no Tsume, even Kagerou-san was like... "SHE'S A GENIUS!!1!!1eleven!!1!"
Mikagami: But she didn't mention that you're the #1.
Domon: Oh, yeah! Kagerou-san said that I was the one who was getting stronger and stronger!
Mikagami: She just said that because you were weak at first but started catching up to our level.
Domon: Mwahahaha! Yeah...thank you.

Recca: Oi, Mikagami! So who do you think is the strongest?
Mikagami:'s me.
Fuuko, Recca, Koganei: As expected...
Fuuko: There was no use asking.
Mikagami: Kagerou-san have said this on the fight against Kuu, as far as I know. If we fight normally, she said that I'm #1.
Recca: What 'normally' are you talking about, huh?! What's 'normal'?! Even if I don't have a madougu like you guys, I can shot flame from my arms and use it when fighting! Really, the #1 is me!
Domon: We've already told you! That's because you're the main character! Don't boast about it, you selfish freak!
Announcer: Ahh...this debate is now getting hotter. Everyone is saying that the best is themselves...the debate will continue! Err...before that, Anzai-sensei? What twists do you think may come in this great debate?

-sounds of snoring-

Announcer: Anzai-sensei? Don't sleep, you!!
Yanagi: it okay if I speak?
Announcer: OH! Now, Yanagi-san has finally decided to speak up! Looks like we will now find out who the strongest is through Yanagi-san's comment!
Yanagi: I think...the strongest is...
Everyone: The strongest is...?
Yanagi: ...Is Rekka-man!!
Announcer: Please just choose someone who's in the tournament!
Fuuko: Umm, we're sorry Mr. Host, the thing inside this kid's head is only that....
Recca: Well...I think it's okay. Hime's Rekka-man is actually based from me so that means...I'm really the #1!
Fuuko, Domon, Koganei: What did you say?!
Domon: Stop saying unnecessary things!
-and some loud bickering and people being beaten up-
Yanagi: STOP IT!!!!!!
Fuuko: ...Who shouted?
Yanagi: Why? -sniff- Why?! Why are you doing this? Why do you need to fight each other? I'm so sad...
Recca: ...Hime...
Tokiya: Yanagi-san...
Yanagi: It doesn't matter who the #1 is...I thought we were going to watch Rekka-man...
Fuuko: Err...but that was what Yanagi decided by herself.
Yanagi: Just....just because you heard there was a prize.....
Koganei: Yanagi-neechan...
Yanagi: Even if our friendship breaks, the important thing is the prize? You want the prize so much?
Everyone: We want it!

-Yanagi faints-

Recca: Oh my...! Hime fainted!
Fuuko: She would...that was a great speech yet no one felt guilt!
Domon: Is this okay with you?! Is it okay to make Sakoshita sadder?!
Mikagami: Of course it's not! Hanabishi! To not make Yanagi-san sadder, you should just give up in this fight.
Recca: Wait a minute...why me? If you don't want to make Hime sadder then...Mikagami! You should also give up.
Fuuko: Domon and Koganei can follow afterwards!
Koganei: I don't want to!!
Domon: Me too! A prize that is "so good to the extent you will want to cry" is once in a lifetime!
Now that they've stopped airing wrestling in TV, I wouldn't be able to watch it anymore! Can you feel the pain this guy is feeling?! Oh, my eyes are starting to get filled with tears that I can't see clear even with wait, I don't have glasses...but I want to cry for that prize! Huhuhu...
Fuuko: Okay okay okay! So Domon, what do you think is inside that wrapped box?
Domon: Of course, it is Pro Wrestler Anjo Yuuri's T-Shirt complete with his signature!!
Recca: Why would you want to cry on something like that?!
Fuuko: Furthermore, I thought you already have one?!
Domon: Then, what do you guys think it is?

Recca: A good person carrying an old man, piggy-back style.
Fuuko: A resurrected family from the Sengoku period.
Koganei: Dog of Flanders!
Domon: Ooh ooh yeah, you will really cry from those. Do you really want those things?
Yanagi: it okay if I speak?
Announcer: Oh! And now Yanagi-san has recovered from her consciousness! I can really feel that we will now know the mystery inside the box!
Yanagi: I think...the prize inside the box is...
Everyone: The prize inside the box is...
Yanagi: ...Is Rekka-man!!
Announcer: Not that again! Ughh!!
Fuuko: Umm...we're really sorry Mr. Host, the thing inside this kid's head is only that....
Tokiya: This is why I don't like idiots as my friends, but I really can't do anything about it anymore. The host just said a very important hint about the prize a while ago.
Recca: A very important hint?
Tokiya: It was...the Chinese emperor cried.
Domon: So that means...
Fuuko: It can't be...
Koganei: Perhaps, the prize inside is...
Tokiya:'s an onion.
Everyone: WHAT?! REALLY?! WAIT!! NOOO!!
Fuuko: But he has a point, peeling an onion's skin will make you cry!
Tokiya: If you have any complaints, then explain them in at least 200 words!
Recca: Eh...ah...that's kinda hard...

Anzai-sensei: Well, since there's no one disagreeing, let's conclude that the prize inside the box is an onion.
Fuuko: Hey Anzai, this isn't a debate about what's inside the box!!

-Fuuko hits Anzai...or something XD-
Recca: Don't just blab about things we can't understand!
-Recca also hits Anzai-
Anzai: Ahh!
Recca: Hey Mr. Host, we are all...getting a bit depressed so...can you please just tell us what's inside that thing!
Announcer: Okay, I understand! It is....
Everyone: It is..?
Announcer: ...A secret.
Everyone: HUWEE~!! AHH!! NO!!!
Fuuko: We all should just decide on who's the strongest and then we will get to know what's inside!!
Domon: But it's not that easy...
Anzai: Then...why don't just decide it by playing Janken?
(Janken is Rock Paper Scissors.)
Everyone: JANKEN?!

-everyone freaks out and beats Anzai-sensei up-

Recca: Oh...but if you think about it, I think Janken would be fine...
Koganei: Yeah, I think so too.
Fuuko: Me too!
Domon: I agree.
Tokiya: No problem.
Recca: Okay! We will just decide it by playing Janken!
Anzai: Then why did you beat me up?!
Announcer: Now, due to their desicion, we will now start a Janken tournament in which if one wins, they will be declared as the #1 strongest in the Hokage!
-sound effect-
Announcer: Good evening to you, Janken fans. We will now decide who's the #1 strongest in the Hokage by playing Janken. OH! And now, the Hokage stood up from their seats and hurriedly went to the arena! Everyone has a serious face and a violent fight is soon to come!
Everyone: Saisho wa gu, Janken poi!
(First is rock, Rock Paper Scissors!)
Everyone: SHAA!! NO!! WAHH!! KYAA!!
Announcer: Oh! 2 people are rock and 3 people are paper! The remaining contenders have now been decided! To the people who lost, Domon and Mikagami, sorry but this is the end for both of you.
Domon: Guu...wa-wait a minute!! Why did I lost?! I want to know the reason why!
Fuuko: Huh? What are you talking about? It's understandable that rock will get beaten by paper!
Domon: That's why I'm saying it's wrong! The rules of Janken was different where I live! Rock wins over paper!
Everyone: WHAT?!
Tokiya: Yeah, he has a point. At the place I lived, rock wins over paper. So, the one who will continue the fight should be me and Domon.
Recca: Where is that place anyway! You guys don't have sportsmanship!
Fuuko: Yeah, yeah! What "where I live" are you talking about, Domon?! "Where I live" was just a few blocks away from my house from the moment of your birth!

Koganei: That's right! Even if you go around the world, there's no such rule!
Mikagami: Another reason why I don't like you being my friends. It's because you don't have an imagination and you can't think of the possibility that rock can beat paper. Even if there's no such rule, no one can disagree with the fact that rock can beat paper.
Recca: Okay, okay! Then let's just do it again! I can't accept that you two won!
-some exploding sound, looks like Recca punched or broke something in anger-
Tokiya: Ah did it Hanabishi. I thought nothing will happen such as this...but of course, a sea monkey like you would never understand. If you want a fight, then you'll get one.
Recca: So you're looking for a fight?!
Fuuko: We should've done so from the start!

Koganei: I will be the #1!
Domon: No, it's me!
-destruction sounds-
Koganei: Kougon Anki, ni no kata, Ryuu!
(Kougon Anki, second form, Ryuu!)
-some more destruction sounds-
Announcer: AHH!! The glass windows of the studio are breaking!
Domon: Super punch, Dosei no Wa!
Yanagi: The building is collapsing...
Tokiya: Hyoumon Ken, Zettai Reido!
Announcer: Ehh?! The studio is covered in ice!
Fuuko: Fuujin, Kamaitachi!
Anzai: Oh, the door got blown away!
Yanagi: So in the end, this was what would happen...
Recca: Let's go! Come out, flame!!

-some destruction sounds again-
Announcer: And the studio is now burning...if this continues the studio will really collapse!!
Domon: Uhh...what! Guys, look!
Koganei: What's the problem?
Domon: The prize...the prize that is "so good to the extent it will make you cry" got burned by Hanabishi's flame!!
Everyone: WHAT?!
Fuuko: AHH!! Why did you?! All our efforts to know what was inside was just wasted!!
Tokiya: ...To think that it will burn without us seeing it first....
Recca: Kuso! This is all my fault...I beg you Mr. Host! Please tell u-...hah? AHH!! The host is nowhere to be found!!
Everyone: WHAT?! Where did he go? Why did he escape?!
Anzai: ...Someone! Help meeeee~!
Recca: Ahh...Anzai got buried here.....
Domon: Hah? The Flame of Recca expert and something like that? Ahehehe. Oooh! What if...he knows what was inside the box?!
Recca: Okay! Let's help him!
-and some sounds of them removing rocks or something-
Anzai: Ahh...I'm safe now!
Recca: Oi Anzai, the prize which is "so good to the extent it will you cry" is truely what?! You know what was inside it, right?
Anzai: Huh? I dunno....
Fuuko: You!! You said you were an expert about Flame of Recca! You can't say you don't know it!
-and the gang started beating up Anzai-sensei, their creator-
Anzai: NOO!! I'm sorry!! Someone help me!!
Announcer: was such a hot debate but goodbye-time is nearing so we will now close the curtains on the debate "Who is strongest in the Hokage?"
-some pause and sound effect. I <3 that sound effect from the UBS. XD-

Recca: Hanabishi Recca - Okano Kousuke
Yanagi: Sakoshita Yanagi - Masuda Yuki
Fuuko: Kirisawa Fuuko, Hiramatsu Akiko
Domon: Ishijima Domon, Tobita Nobuo
(I love the voice change here, LOL. It was big then turned smaller. XD)
Tokiya: Mikagami Tokiya, Midorikawa Hikaru
Koganei: Koganei Kaoru, Kumai Motoko
Anzai: Anzai Nobuyuki, Anzai Nobuyuki
(This made me LOL, lol.)
Announcer: Announcer, Ookawa Tooru. That is all.

Flame of Recca © Nobuyuki Anzai, Shogakkan, Studio Pierrot

Hosted by uCoz