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Anzai Nobuyuki, born August 19th 1972, is a Japanese manga artist (manga-ka) who wrote Flame of Recca. His other works are Rocket Princess, MÄR (Märchen Awakens Romance), Crazy Maniax and MiXim 11. Little are known of him....even if you search the net of info about him. -_-'

January 5, 2009 update: I found Anzai sensei's blog. (It's in Japanese.)

February 13, 2009 update: Anzai-sensei deleted his blog (link is up there). T_T He's trying to hide again!! XD

(If you are his stalker have recent news / info about him that's interesting or useful that you want posted in this page, feel free to send me a message here.)

October 21, 2009 update: I found Anzai-sensei's new blog. :D It can be found here

Anyway, I'll try to translate his 'omake' or extra pages in every volume of Flame of Recca. Some of it are funny, some are.....random....please just read it and judge it yourself.

Flame of Recca volume 5 omake page

Flame of Recca volume 6 omake page

Flame of Recca volume 7 omake page

Flame of Recca volume 12 omake page

Flame of Recca volume 15 omake page

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