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My picture diary ~Memorial~

I head off to the barber shop I always go to.

1. Barber: Welcome!

The 2 kids were so busy reading manga that they ignored and didn't even greeted me.

2. Ohh....these little bastards brats!!

(Picture of Anzai sensei beating the sh-t out of the little kids......)

3. ....That (beating the kids) was what I wanted to do.

4. My daydreaming was cut when the barber ordered the kids to give space.

5. Barber: Ohh....sir, aren't you a manga-ka? (Manga artist)

Anzai sensei froze and the 2 kids looked at him.

6. Oh no.....the barber here knows who I am!

Page 2

1. Kid no. 1: What manga is he writing?

Kid no. 2: It was on Sunday's like....Flame of....what was that again?

(Poor Anzai sensei, the kids doesn't remember the title of his great manga! XD)

2. I thought they're gonna say "I don't know that manga" or "That manga sucks" but, thank goodness, they didn't. The other kid was getting a haircut and the other one went home, lucky me.

But after 10 minutes......

3. Little girl: Sensei! Please give me an autograph!

4. Little girl: Fuuko-chan and Recca's autograph, if you don't mind.

(Points at the boy behind the girl) I thought this kid went home.

5. The truth was, he didn't went home but instead, called the girl who's a fan of Flame of Recca. He probably ran and went back as fast as he could because he's sweating and panting.

6. This day turned out very interesting, I'm so happy. The boy who took his effort to please the little girl was also nice. It's also great that they said "Thank you very much" sincerely.

7. Barber: Hey! That guy is the one who writes the manga Flame of Recca!

Very old man: H-uhh?...He-art of ba-ballad....? (Enka no kokoro) Oh...yeah....

Hey, mister barber! It's embarrassing so stop spreading it!

Page created: Dec. 19, 2010
Last updated: Dec. 19, 2010

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