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The image can be found here.

The text in lavender are the translation while the ones in orange are my comments and explanation. There are circles since Anzai-sensei was blocking a part of their names and stuff but I decided to research and make them public. XD

My picture diary ~Medium~

Things that made me happy recently ----> I met with Shonen Magazine's Akamatsu Ken sensei who wrote "AI ga tomaranai". (Points to the guy) He's nice and kind. I also got an autograph from Utatane Hiroyuki sensei. Thank you very much! (He's thanking Utatane sensei for giving him an autograph.)

Things that made me sad recently ----> Weekly Pro-wrestler's "Tarzan Yamamoto" resigned. Even though there are mixed opinions of him, I still liked him. Thank you for working hard! (He's saying it to Tarzan Yamamoto.)

Stupid things that I did recently ---->  While I'm walking inside the office, sometimes my pants fall off and I don't care even if my brief is showing.

I'm 24 years old now.....I should act like an adult soon. XD

(Points to the long haired guy) Is kinda shocked.
(Points to Aniki Taguchi, a very close friend and assistant) Is used to it. Doesn't care.

Page created: Dec. 19, 2010
Last updated: Dec, 19, 2010

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