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The image can be found here.

The text in lavender is the translation and the ones in orange are my comments and explanation. ^^;

"Tobi-Reccakun" from "Hachiouji city" sent Anzai-sensei a picture!


There are 3 people (in the cosplay picture. Recca (Tobi-Reccakun is handsome!), Recca's dad (Shigeo, and take note at the apron which says "Recca's Papa".) and Domon. Domon looks the coolest, in my opinion. They really put effort on the mohawk!


Anzai sensei: Ohh, so there are also people who bothers to do these.....I thank you.

There was also a letter from a fan asking me if I can permit them to cosplay. If you really want to, please go on. I won't stop you. ^_^


I also received a letter from a girl saying "I cosplayed as Mikagami. (Even though I didn't have the Ensui.)". (The cute Mikagami pic is an example of a 'girl' version of Mikagami. ^_^) In this drawing, no one can probably tell it's Mikagami. 


So far, the ones with many fan-arts are Recca, Fuuko and Yanagi. (Unexpectedly, there's also a lot of Kagerou and Kurei, too.) There are not much fan-art for Mikagami and Koganei but there are hardcore fans of these two (who keep on sending). And.....


(Points to Domon.) The person with very few fan-art. (Do you people hate him?) I've also been thinking of presenting some fan-art on every volume.

Anzai sensei: Until we meet again! -waves goodbye-

Page created: Dec. 19, 2010
Last updated: Dec. 19, 2010

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