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My picture diary: FLASH!
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Okay! So, Team Recca, count!


-wind swooshing-

Where's the other one?

(Anzai-sensei scratched the "kuso" kanji in the word "Dappun" which is supposed to mean "to shit" and replaced it with the "tai" kanji instead. But that kanji is also incorrect. XD So now it means "withdrawal".)

Yamano Kujira! One of the members of the escape squad!

"Actually, he was gone after volume 14 was out. -laugh- But it's ok, I really don't mind."

"He's the one who uses the tissue paper the most."

-points at the man peeing at the left side-

Chikku-chan, a guy who pees anywhere and everywhere.

-points at the guy with the flower on the head-

He left the group but still visits us often.

"I came to drink water."

(-vein pops-) "You...."

Who will be the 5th member of Team Recca? It would be good if it will be a girl. loljk

My comment: If you have read the Flame of Recca manga 'til the end, you may notice that there's this hostess or girl who always comes to Tokiya's place to drink water. Maybe that character idea was from the "Yamano Kujira" guy who also visits Anzai-sensei and Team Recca for water. XD Just a thought.

Page created: Dec. 19, 2010
Last updated: Dec. 19, 2010

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