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Resurrected, My picture diary!!

Because of Anzai-sensei getting hospitalized for his head, we stopped publishing these for a while. But now, we've decided to continue this portion again. "Chikku's Diary" was cancelled because it got a low rating from the readers. (JOKE) But bleh, I think Chikku just got lazy. Same with the Run-chan portion. (TRUTH)

Page 1

1. September something. Mikagami Tokiya's seiyuu, Midorikawa Hikaru-san forced me to be a guest on his radio show.

2. Midorikawa Hikaru-san: Escaping is a no-no Anzai-san. (He said it in a beautiful voice.)

3. I got guarded by Recca's seiyuu, Okano Kousuke-san and Ganko's seiyuu, Asai Kiyomi-san.

I failed to escape!

4. Midorikawa-san: Good evening! This is Midorikawa Hikaru! Our guests for today are: Nobuyuki Anzai-san together with (From right to left) Kamiya Hiroshi-san, Anzai-san's guardian Okano Kousuke!! His second guardian,  Asai Kiyomi-san!!

I failed to escape!

5. It would be cooler if a manga-ka's job is only writing a manga! During the AfuReco of Recca, the director Abe-san told me to follow and I didn't notice I was inside the recording studio recording a girl's voice! I also received a fanletter saying "The anime sucks", actually, not only one but MANY! And after that I got depressed. Ohh....Potato chips are delicious....(?) (Lolz at the last sentence. Even he himself put a question mark indicating that the sentence was very random. XD)

6. But even though many people says the anime sucks, the seiyuu did a great job and dubbed it well.

7. After the said Radio and Midorikawa fight!! (I'm really tired today. Not because of drawing but because of writing. -falls dead on the floor-)

Page 2

Greenriver (Midorikawa-san) VS. Poku (Me)

(Please take note that, "Poku" isn't actually a nickname or a Japanese word. It's just Anzai sensei's style of saying "Boku". XD Cute, isn't it? Another note, "Midorikawa" is "green river" in English.)

The rule of the game is simple, we're gonna draw things that start with "RE" and they have to be known by the 3 people. (The 3 people he's talking about is Recca and Ganko's seiyuu together with another guy.)

If Midorikawa-san loses, he'll give me the game "Tobal 2". If I lose, I'll draw a "Mikagami who has fire powers like Recca" and give the drawing to him.


Midorikawa-san Anzai-sensei
Recca Lemon*
Lemon* Recca
Lotus Root* Resshin
The Rerere grandfather Lens*


Ray Parker Jr.

("Lemon" in Japanese is pronounced as "Remon" so, it's counted. The same goes for "Lens", it's pronounced as "Rens". "Lotus Root" in Japanese is "Renkon")

2. It's expected you'll win. But if you DID lose, that would be embarrassing since you're a manga-ka. By: Aniki Taguchi

3. I was given the "Tobal 2" game but I felt sorry and decided to give him this. This is the one and only one in the world, HIKAGAMI who has fire powers! (This would be a good present for the listeners.) (FYI, "hi" in Japanese means "fire". The "mi" in "Mikagami" means  "water". In short, they replaced the "water" with "fire" because the drawing is supposed to be a "Mikagami who has fire powers like Recca".)

I really enjoyed this day. I don't have any radio guestings so this is a good experience. Midorikawa-san, Kamiya-san and the other staffs, thank you very much. When I came at the set very nervous, they told me I had an interesting expression! Okano-chi and Ganbou-chi, too.

And I found out that the radio program was not available in Tokyo so HA! to Yassy and Mitchie who told me they're going to listen and laugh at me! Ohh...Potato chips are delicious...(?) (Please take note that, "-chi" sometimes means you're close friends with them. In this case, Recca's seiyuu Ganko's seiyuu are close friends with Anzai sensei. ^_^)

4. After the said fight, the 4 of us then exchanged stupid ideas. If there a "Hikagami", then, there should be a "Doko" (Domon and Ganko mixed) or "Fuumon". (Fuuko and Domon mixed.) There were also ideas of "Dohoushi" (Domon and Kage Houshi mixed.) but we've already done that at the Ura Butou.

5. FUUMON!! Midorikawa-san, does this make you happy?

(The one written on Fuumon's shoulders wrote....) Domon, you're gonna lose more fans again because of this, I'm sure.

Page created: Dec. 19, 2010
Last updated: Dec. 19, 2010

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