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Flame Dragons are once humans who were flame masters belonging to the Hokage ninja clan. They are people who failed protecting their loved ones and failed to accomplish their missions. After dying, they then go inside another flame master's body who they think will be able to accomplish their mission and will set them free.

Flame Dragon #1:Nadare


Nadare was the first flame dragon that Recca acquired among other dragons. Nadare is known for her fireballs and she is often used by Recca along with Saiha.

Nadare's fireballs was once combined with Saiha's fireblades in the Ura Butou Satsujin Tournament during Recca's battle with Kurei and its result was a boomerang-shaped flying flames. On the same battle, she was also combined with Kokuu's lazer beam and the 2 combined produced uncountable large lazer beams.


Flame Dragon #2: Saiha


 Saiha was Recca's second flame dragon which can produce fireblades that can cut into anything. He's also one of the often used flame dragon.


Flame Dragon #3: Homura


 Homura was the third flame dragon acquired by Recca during his fight with Kuukai, the leader of team Kuu in the UBS tournament. This dragon when called creates a flame whip around its user's arm and also enhances its user's strength.

Flame Dragon #4: Setsuna


Setsuna was Recca's fourth flame dragon which he acquired during his fight with Genjurou. Recca didn't really impress him or defeat him to make him come out but it was because Genjurou's hands touched his fins that he came out of Recca and burned Genjurou using his one eye. This certain technique is called "Shun En" which means "burn in a flash" and anyone who looks into this dragon's eye burns.

When Setsuna was still a human, he was a sadistic flame master who kills people, even women and children and that's the reason why some Hokage elders disagreed on him being the Hokage leader and was exiled from the Hokage village and was soon killed by some people that weren't mentioned.


Flame Dragon #5: Madoka


 Madoka was Recca's fifth flame dragon which he acquired during his fight with Neon and Miki. Recca wanted to save the falling Neon from the icicles that Mikagami made and Madoka came out of Recca.

Madoka was called "King of Barriers" because of his unbreakable strong barriers, but the barrier also has its weak point. Recca discovered this weak point when a dragon (I forgot who, sorry) told him the secret. Madoka's barriers can be destroyed using Nadare's fireballs when you pinpoint the main corners of the barriers.


Flame Dragon #6: Rui


 Rui is Recca's sixth dragon which he got after solving her riddle during Recca's fight with Kashamaru. Rui's power is to create illusions. Rui is also a dragon who loves riddles.

Flame Dragon #7: Kokuu


Kokuu is Recca's seventh flame dragon with the power to create a large lazer beam. His other powers are also the ability to come out of Recca without the latter calling him whenever he wants and take on his original human form.

 Kokuu at first introduces himself to the gang as the "Mystery Grandpa" and gave each of them tips before their final battle in the Ura Butou Satsujin Tournament. He's also a perverted old man who loves touching girl's (especially Fuuko's XD) breasts. During Domon's fight with Noroi, Kokuu forces Recca to follow him by removing the tattoos of the flame dragons.

 Kokuu was also a madougu creator when he was still alive and was the rival of another madougu creator, Kaima.


Flame Dragon #8: Resshin


 Resshin is Recca's eighth flame dragon as well as his father Ouka. Ouka's powers is the same as Kurei's, he has the ability to make people's dead bodies their flame. He was also the one who resurrected Yanagi when she died at SODOM.

 Ouka was the leader of the Hokage during the Eiroku period who also got the 7 flame dragons during his fight with the Takasugi's for the other 7 dragons assumed that he'll be able to finish his mission and free them. But they were wrong and Ouka died making him the eighth flame dragon and transfer inside Recca's body.


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