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Name:Hanabishi Rekka

Age (since the start of the manga): 16

Birthday: July 27

Zodiac Sign: Leo

More about Recca:

Hanabishi Recca is a 16 year-old high school student who's obsessed with ninja or any other thing related to ninja. Little did he knows that he's actually a real ninja and was originally born 400 years ago. He is the son of Ouka and Kagerou and the future Hokage leader. After saving Yanagi from some of his schoolmates, he offers to serve her as her ninja and swore to protect her no matter what. The 2 became friends and revealed each others' secrets: Recca, able to summon flame, and Yanagi, able to heal injuries and wounds.

When Yanagi gets kidnapped by Mokuren and Koganei, Recca together with Fuuko and Domon goes to Kurei's mansion. He successfully saves Yanagi and he even met with the Hachiryuu, also known as the eight dragons; the source of his flame. Before and during the Ura Butou Satsujin, Recca gets the powers of the dragons one by one, and was able to defeat Kurei.

He's also sort of Mikagami's rival and sometimes argues with him. During their battle with Neon and Miki though, the two finally cooperated with each other after hearing Fuuko and Domon's sermon and won.

Tatsuko, one of the twelve referees at the Ura Butou Satsujin is also his fan. She even made him a mega-special-Tatsuko hamburger but Domon ate it.

Ouka also revealed in the later volumes of the manga that Recca is the cursed child who would destroy the Hokage clan, and not Kurei. All of the Flame masters have their own form of flame, Saiha has the 'snake' form when he was a human, Ouka and Kurei has the 'Phoenix' form but Recca doesn't have one, and instead, he got the 8 dragons who were once human and died without completing their mission or wasn't able to protect their master.


Name: Sakoshita Yanagi

Age (since the start of the manga): 16

Birthday: February 24

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

More about Yanagi:

Sakoshita Yanagi is a 16-year-old high school girl with healing powers. When Recca saw her kind heart, he swore to protect her 'til death. Because of her healing powers, Mori Kouran, a man who wanted an 'eternal life', ordered his men to kidnap her. They succeeded but Recca and his friends came to the rescue and managed to save her. Her resemblance with Mikagami Mifuyu caught Mikagami Tokiya's eyes and he decided to fight for her and joined the 'Hokage', a group lead by Recca who fought at the Ura Butou Satsujin, an illegal tournament hosted by Mori Kouran. She also volunteered to be the 'payment' if the Hokage lose at the said tournament.

It was also said that she was the reincarnation of Sakura-hime, a princess of the Sawaki clan who lived 400 years ago and also had the same power, healing power.

In the near-end of the manga, she died but was resurrected by Resshin's powers, and became a 'Flame Angel' of healing. Before Sakura-hime killed herself, he told Ouka that she wishes for a happy life together with the one she loves if she gets the chance to live again. The wish came true and Yanagi and Recca had a happy ending in the end of the manga.


Name: Ishijima Domon

Age (since the start of the manga): 16

Birthday: May 5

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

More about Domon:

Ishijima Domon goes to the same school where Fuuko and Recca goes to. He's known as "Oni no Domon" for being strong and for beating the sh-t out of the other bad guys. He's also Fuuko's stalker admirer and every morning, he fights Recca because he thinks that if he beat him, Fuuko will love him. Not only is he addicted to his nosering, he is also addicted to Pro-wrestle Anjo Yuri's T-shirt. XD

When Yanagi was kidnapped, he went along because Fuuko's also going because he wanted to save Yanagi, too. Domon always wears a nosering and when he didn't want to take the madougu "Dosei no Wa" that Kage Houshi was offering him, Kage Houshi switched it without him knowing about it.

During the last stage of the Ura Butou Satsujin, the old man Kokuu gave him the "Tetsugan" which turns its user into iron and he was able to defeat Noroi.


Name: Kirisawa Fuuko

Age (since the start of the manga): 16

Birthday: August 2

Zodiac Sign: Leo

More about Fuuko:

Kirisawa Fuuko is the wielder of the madougu Fuujin, and Hanabishi Recca's childhood friend. Since they were a child, the two fought. Elementary, middle school and up until now, high school, they still fight. Fuuko wanted Recca to be her ninja and that's the reason why she wanted to beat him. She has a stalker admirer whose name is Ishijima Domon, who, every morning, fights with Recca in hopes that if he beats Recca, Fuuko will love him back.

When Kage Houshi gave her the Fuujin, she fought with Recca which nearly caused her her life. When her new-found friend Yanagi was kidnapped, she, with Domon and Recca went to her rescue.

When 3 of Kurei's men went to Kagerou's house in search of Recca, Fuuko together with the gang defeated them. Fuuko then took 2 of the 3 freaks' madougus and gave the other one to Domon. Fuuko also got a brilliant idea which is the merging of the Fuujin and the orb of the Oni no Tsume, it became the 'Kaze no Tsume' meaning 'Claws of the wind'.


Name: Mikagami Tokiya

Age (since the start of the manga): 17

Birthday: November 13

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

More about Tokiya:

Mikagami Tokiya is the wielder of the madougu Ensui, which he inherited from his family. At the age of 10, his sister, Mikagami Mifuyu was murdered and she gave him the Ensui, telling him to protect it for it will also protect it. Mikagami Tokiya was soon found by Meguri Kyouza, an old man who taught him of Hyoumon Ken, a technique involving water and ice. He mastered it for 7 years and bid goodbye to his master to search for the killer of his sister.

It was because of Kage Houshi that he met Hanabishi Recca, together with Sakoshita Yanagi, a girl who has a close resemblance to Mifuyu. He also swore to protect her and make her happy and not become like his sister Mifuyu who died. During the Ura Butou Satsujin, Kai told him that the killer of his sister is their master, Meguri Kyouza. But in the last volumes of the manga, it was revealed that Meguri Kyouza wasn't the one who killed her, but was killed by Kurei's men and the said master just blames himself for it. It was also revealed that Meguri Kyouza was Tokiya's biological grandfather.


Name: Koganei Kaoru

Age (since the start of the manga): 14

Birthday: September 29

Zodiac Sign: Libra

More about Kaoru:

Koganei Kaoru was an orphaned child and was always alone. He also tried to commit suicide but when Kurei found him, he changed. Kurei adopted him and told him that they will be like 'brothers'. Kurei trained him hard and when he saw Koganei's talent of being able to solve a puzzle in seconds, he gave him the Kougon Anki, a madougu by the Hokage with 6 forms. Koganei was also the one who kidnapped Yanagi, together with Mokuren. When Yanagi was locked up at a room alone, Koganei sneaked there and brought food for her. (And he also accidentally saw her naked. :P)

During the 2nd round of the Ura Butou Satsujin, when Hokage neededa member, Koganei joined them and fought the Shiju and Mokuren. (He got defeated by MOkuren, though.) After that round, he became a regular member of the Hokage and started living at the Hanabishi's after the Ura Butou Satsujin.

When they have defeated the Tendou Jigoku, Koganei went with Kurei to the past and stated that "being alone would be too lonely".


Name: Kagerou / Kage Houshi

Age: Technically, she's 422 years old. But because she received the curse, she stopped aging and continued being 22 years old

Birthday: Unknown

Zodiac Sign: Unknown

More about Kagerou:

Kagerou a.k.a. Kage Houshi, is Recca's biological mother and the wife of Hokage leader Ouka. Because of using the forbidden Hokage technique, the Jikuuryuuri, her body was cursed and even if she wanted to die, she can't because she became an immortal. She uses the madougu Eikai Gyoku which enables her to teleport anywhere through shadows. The Fuujin, Kaigetsu and Shikigami (Hair) was also in her posession during the warring era. (400 years ago.)

At first, Kagerou introduces herself 'Kage Houshi' to Recca and acted as an antagonist but the truth is she just did that to train Recca and for Kurei not to notice Recca's existence. She's also known for her fox-like swift movements during the SODOM arc where she switched the fake CDs with the true SODOM CD. (Just read the manga for more info.)


Name: Ganko Morikawa

Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Zodiac Sign: Unknown

More about Ganko:

Ganko Morikawa is a former Uruha warrior who joined Recca and the others after her fight with Fuuko at Kurei's mansion. She wields the madougu Katakugutsu which can control manequins and stuffed toys according to its user's will. On her fight, she pretended to be a manequin named "Primera" to fool Fuuko, Recca and Domon into thinking at Reiran is really their opponent. But after she blinked, Fuuko found out about it and was able to defeat her and Reiran.

On a young age, Ganko lost her mother and had no friends but her stuffed toys. One day, she saw a manequin on a shop that looked like her mother and goes to the shop everyday to see it. Kurei finds her and offers her the Katakugutsu but in exchange, she has to join the Uruha which Ganko agreed to.

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