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Hello there! Let's start with this pic....

Raiha: Now then, Neon. Please look after Kurei-sama while I'm gone. See ya!

Neon: Ahh! Where the hell are you going?!

Raiha: I gotta take a pee. <3 Wanna come along?

Neon: You fucking retard! Hurry up and come back!

Mai comment: 'Wanna come along?' Lolz. Epic win.

Recca: I, I get it! Since the opponent can read mins, we should send in someone who can't think!

Koganei: Domon-niichan's a moron! We've won! Banzai!

My comment: Poor Domon....getting bullied by Recca and Koganei. XD

Recca was asking why Tatesako-sensei went along with him....and then, also asks the others as well...

Recca: The same goes for you, guys.

Fuuko: I thought it looked like fun!

Domon: Fuuko-sama was going so I thought I'd come along!

Tokiya: You got a problem with me being here?

Yanagi: If I'm bothering you then I can just go home...I'm sure I can find the way...

Recca: No, no! You're welcome here, Hime!

Audience: That guy just tripped! Bwahahah Gyahahaha

Raiha: I fell down

Mai comment: Lol. Doesn't Raiha have ninja skillz? XD

Let the match....begin!

Mai comment: LOLZ at Joker-han. <3

Recca: I knew that Hime's breasts couldn't be that big!

Domon: How could you's not like you've touched them...

Tokiya: Domon? Why are you at a place like this?

Domon: Ohh, Mi-bou! That's 'coz this is mah house!

Tokiya: ...why...all of a sudden I pity the flowers.

Fuuko: Stop it you fools. My Lord! What are you two doing? We are supposed to work together!!

Domon: Yes. Just look how friendly the two of us are.

Fuuko: Don't touch me.

Mikoto: Hoho...the Hokage's captain ran away? What an incredibly cowardly act.

Domon: He's taking a shit.

Fuuko: Stupid whore.

*points at Yanagi* ....Doesn't know the fuck sign.

Tokiya: Besides, Recca. You are far stronger than me, of course you can do it.

Recca: No...that's not true....waheheheheheh

Tokiya: Good thing you're an idiot....

My comment: This scene is where Mi-chan gives up because 'he has too many injuries' and can't continue. (But according to Fuuko, he just doesn't want to fight Menou.) XD

Page created: June 20, 2009

Page last updated: June 20, 2009

Disclaimer: Images are not mine (except for the banner up there), they're all drawn by Anzai-sensei.

Flame of Recca © Nobuyuki Anzai, Shogakkan, Studio Pierrot

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