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Tokiya: This is a test to make sure you're really fine. What is this?

Yanagi: Domon-kun

Tokiya: Bu-buu. A gorilla.

My comment: XD


Domon: Why are you here!?

Raiha: That's right, grandpa. It's dangerous in here....

Domon: I meant you. Y O U!!

Mai comment: Another XD

Koganei: Uhyah...Fuuko-neechan's really scary today!!

Domon: Yeah that's right! Even Mikagami was like all 'Hey Domon, isn't Fuuko really scary?' Just like that. Bwahahaha!!

Tokiya: I said not to tell....Domon prepare to die...!

Yanagi: Tha-that's not good!

Fuuko: Angyah!! You bastard! Stop sleeping Mi-bou!

Kagerou: Ah, she's finally lost it....Fuuko.

My comment: The pic says it all. I'm too lazy to type. XD This scene was on volume 18 or 19 where the gang needed to separate. Recca, Yanagi and Domon on the left path and Fuuko, Mi-chan and Koganei on the right.

Tokiya: ...You say they respect me...then why do I always have to be the punching bag, nee-san....

Mifuyu: *giggle giggle*

Recca: Huh? Tatsuko of the 12 refs?

Tatsuko: You recognized me without my uniform, could it be the power of love?!

Recca: No, it's more the horns....

And I present to you, ladies and gentlemen....the most romantic scene in history EVAR.....


Fuuko: Raiha-kun

Raiha: But look! The finals are this week!

Fuuko: Enough about it. I'm already nervous enough! Just leave me in peace!

Raiha: How mean. I just wanted us to spend some time together....

My comment: KYAAA!!!! I'm slowly turning into a RaiFuu fan omg....XD

'Nuther one dudez

Raiha: I have returned.

Guard: Ah, Raiha-sama...and who is the young lady?

Raiha: My lover.

Fuuko: Who and who are lovers?

Raiha: I, I'm sorry, I was just kidding around.

Domon: BBS? Big Busts are Sexy?

Aki: You really are that stupid?

And the chaos begins.....

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